Lust For Youth


Sunday, 09.10.2022
Hydrozagadka, Warsaw

Doors: 19:00 Concert: 20:00


Ticket price: 60 PLN

In accordance to the current epidemic law, we inform that Standard tickets are the only ones available in sale. All Health Pass tickets bought to this date remain valid, without the need to exchange them to Standard tickets, and the ticket holders don’t have to present a valid vaccination certificate.

The official sellers of tickets for concert are AlterSklep.pl and eBilet.pl. We recommend you to buy tickets from official sources only. By purchasing a ticket outside the official outlet network, you risk to buy a forged ticket and therefore may not be admitted to the Event. We remind you that the purchased tickets should not be made available to third parties, in particular the barcode on the ticket, so as to prevent it from being copied, photographed or duplicated in any other form.

Due to the state of epidemic threat announced in Poland, the Organizer informs, that in order to counter the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus, in accordance to the Polish law, as well as guidelines and recommendations from proper administrative bodies, the Attendees may be obliged to carry means of personal protection (specified in currently valid laws, guidelines and recommendations) at the event site, as well as obey the warrants, prohibitions, and restrictions in force.
Information on the conditions of attending the event, as well as the currently valid rules of conduct will be available at www.alterart.pl 7 days before the Event at the latest. The Information may change.
The Attendee is obliged to get acquainted with the currently valid rules of conduct and conditions of attendance, as well as the Terms And Conditions of the Event.

Lust For Youth in Warsaw!

The Copenhagen duo will play on October 9th 2022 in Hydrozagadka, Warsaw.

Lust For Youth is synth pop, reflective ballads and minimalist coldwave. The first single from the album "Compassion", "Better Looking Brother", was streamed over 50,000 times in the first month after its premiere, ending a very successful 2015 year of touring around the world and the delight of fans and journalists on social media. The latest album, "Lust For Youth", takes a bit more dance directions, reminiscent of a modern interpretation of Depeche Mode or New Order.



Media interested in receiving an accreditation for Lust for Youth are asked to fill the application form.


Applications will be accepted until October 3, 2022.

The information about granted accreditations will be sent from October 3 until October 5 2022.