Date and venue

Friday, 22.10.2021
Studio, Kraków

Start: 20:00

Saturday, 30.10.2021
Stary Maneż, Gdańsk

Start: 20:00

Saturday, 06.11.2021
Stodoła, Warsaw

Start: 20:00

Saturday, 13.11.2021
A2, Wrocław

Start: 20:00

Sunday, 14.11.2021
Tama, Poznań

Start: 20:00


Ticket prices:

Kraków: 99 PLN - standing; 109 PLN - balcony

Gdańsk: 99 PLN - standing; 119 PLN - balcony

Warszawa: 119 PLN - standing; 139 PLN - balcony

Wrocław: 99 PLN

Poznań: 99 PLN

Limited pre-sale for AlterSklep voucher holders and AlterKlub members begins on Friday (September 17, 2021) at 12PM.

General sale begins on Monday (September 20, 2021) at 12PM.

There are two kinds of tickets available – Standard and Health Pass (ticket for person, who at the day of the concert will hold a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate)

The official sellers of tickets for concert are AlterSklep.pl, eBilet.pl and stodola.pl. We recommend you to buy tickets from official sources only. By purchasing a ticket outside the official outlet network, you risk to buy a forged ticket and therefore may not be admitted to the Event. We remind you that the purchased tickets should not be made available to third parties, in particular the barcode on the ticket, so as to prevent it from being copied, photographed or duplicated in any other form.

Due to the state of epidemic threat announced in Poland, the Organizer informs, that in order to counter the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus, in accordance to the Polish law, as well as guidelines and recommendations from proper administrative bodies, the Attendees may be obliged to carry means of personal protection (specified in currently valid laws, guidelines and recommendations) at the event site, as well as obey the warrants, prohibitions, and restrictions in force.
Information on the conditions of attending the event, as well as the currently valid rules of conduct will be available at www.alterart.pl 7 days before the Event at the latest. The Information may change.
The Attendee is obliged to get acquainted with the currently valid rules of conduct and conditions of attendance, as well as the Terms And Conditions of the Event.

Brodka with her exceptional shows, a foretaste of which is present in her „Hey Man” and „Game Change” videos, will perform in October and November 2021:

October 22 – Kraków, Klub Studio

October 30 – Gdańsk, Stary Maneż

November 6 – Warszawa, Stodoła

November 13 – Wrocław, A2

November 14 – Poznań, Tama





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