Yeasayer are one of the most important bands of the young psychedelic pop scene. They formed in New York in mid-00s. Their first album, “All Hour Cymbals”, was released in 2007, stirring a huge interest from the press and blogosphere. As it was to turn out two years later, it was merely a prelude to the madness that has spread out after the release of “Odd Blood”. The singles ”Madder Red”, ”Ambling Alp” and ”O.N.E” have earned them the title of successors to Animal Collective, who went on hiatus at the time. During the few year of their career, Yeasayer collaborated with Bat For Lashes and Florence & The Machine. The catchiness of their experimental writing always fills us with hope that pop is changing, slowly and steadily. They live and create in Brooklyn, among Polish immigrants, which they like to point out when interviewed by Polish journalists.
Yeasayer first played in Poland at Open'er Festival 2010. A few months later, they returned to play in Warsaw's Palladium, filled to the last place. After such successful performances, another concerts were only a matter of time. This July, we had a chance to see Yeasayer at Open’er again. This time, the band presented a set made up of premiere songs and a few hits, yet arranged to fit the new material. The third album, entitled "Fragrant World", was released on August 20.
9.0 | Under The Radar
The songs throughout Fragrant World are arrestingly forward-thinking without shying away from invoking music's rich pageantry
8.5 | BBC
Once you’ve settled into it, Yeasayer’s Fragrant World is a wonderful place to explore
8.0 | Drowned In Sound
This is a record of adventure and texture, an attempt, musically, to conjure up a future we may never actually have.
8.0 | Evening Standard
Amid all the experimentation, singer Chris Keating never forgets to include a hummable melody: this is pop music, Jim, but not as we know it

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