"I don't wanna leave Warsaw" - Coldplay played in Poland!

„Is There Anybody Out There?” - shouted Chris Martin off stage after the first song. The National Stadium, full to the last seat, shouted back. A while later, he pronounced a perfect Polish “dobry wieczór”(„good evening”) and „dziękuję” („thank you”), and a promise this would be the best show of the tour. And it was!
The show started promptly at 9 pm with an extract of theme tune from Chris Martin’s favourite film, “Back To The Future”. The first part of the set included 9 songs, with the current single “Hurts Like Heaven” and smash hits „Yellow” and „The Scientist”, as well as a full palette of concert special effects: fireworks, giant balloons, confetti and lasers. After 40 minutes, the band moved to a smaller stage, set deeper into the audience and started “Princess Of China”, featuring a virtual Rihanna. During “Warning Sign”, Chris took to the piano, and other musicians backed him up with acoustic guitars. One of three climax points of the concert followed with “Viva La Vida”, ”Charlie Brown” and ”Paradise”, with a heart-warming phrase for Polish fans, ”I don’t wanna leave Warsaw”.
After a two-minute break, the band greeted the audience again. An acoustic version of ”Us Against The World”, ”Speed Of Sound” and the ”ever – laser” “Clocks” have prolonged the minutes with Coldplay we’ve been waiting for months for. And the grand finale. The majestic “Fix You” and “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” sung along by the entire stadium, and then danced to by Martin, with a Polish flag in his hands. Xylobands are carefully tucked into fans’ pockets and purses as a souvenir of this amazing concert. With such abundant production and nearly a year of touring, Coldplay still manage to maintain the important thing: a natural attitude towards fans and the joy of playing. This shortened distance between the band and fans and a general positive feeling is shared with the audience, who seemed to leave the stadium happier than before.

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